When should I seek help?

The Vendor Management Office is available to assist any HUIT staff member with procurement or vendor management needs. Ideally the VMO should be engaged when a service owner is considering looking for a vendor. Waiting until contract negotiations limits our ability to find added value for you.

If you are new to working with the Vendor Management Office we have created a quick survey to guide you in assessing if you must engage the VMO for a contract.

    • Go to the Project Management Office for further assistance, since the VMO does not handle these transactions.
    • Get VMO assistance from a representative, by opening up a service ticket in ServiceNow.
    • Go the VMO website to follow the process on your own, no VMO representative assistance necessary.
    • Go to Buy-to-Pay process to place your order directly. It is not necessary to follow the VMO process for these transactions.

Ready? Let's get started.



If at any time, you want or need assistance during the procurement process, you can email the VMO office at:   HUITVM@harvard.edu  and a service ticket in ServiceNow will automatically be created for you.