Vendor Classification

Vendor Classification


There are ONLY 3 Strategic Vendors: Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco

  • Relationship will require executive sponsorship by both parties (Harvard UCIO) and should involve a list of collaborative projects that have mutual benefits. 
  • Partner shares product road maps and implements Harvard's suggested changes and enhancements.
  • Partner and Harvard both derive the value from partnership.

  • University MSA exists and may have Harvard preferred pricing in place. 
  • Relationship is managed by School or CIO who coordinates activities with other units.

    Example: Dell, EMC & RedHat

  • No University Master Services Agreement (MSA) in place.
  • Lower spending only with IT units.
  • Product and/or services would likely only benefit one IT unit (e.g. legal software provided for HLS).
  • Individual relationship with each unit.

    Example: Mathematica, LabView & STATA