Roles and Responsibilities

Why do we need roles?

The vendor management process is collaboration between the vendor, the service owner(s), and the HUIT Vendor Management Office.  When a Service Owner begins to consider a sourcing purchase, the roles listed below should be assigned by the Service Owner and the VMO Director  

–The vendor is providing the service or product

–The service owner is the HUIT staff member who is seeking a service or product as a means to deliver a service (relationship manager or relationship leader)

–The HUIT Vendor Management Office representatives (contract manager) will assist with;

•Identifying the best vendors for the needed service or product
•Support the negotiation of terms for the contract
•Ensure that Harvard’s terms and risk mitigation approaches are used

•Ensure that all necessary reviews by the Office of General Council, Security, and Enterprise Architecture are conducted

With each fulfilling their role, a favorable agreement for the vendor and HUIT can be achieved.

Relationship Manager – This role is not in the VMO - This role is typically in the service area/school/unit, is a service owner or a representative of a service owner:
• Strategically plans and manages all interactions with a vendor from selection, to
providing product/service thru transitioning/closure
• Monitors and works with vendor to improve performance as needed.
• Manages and supports the deliery of contracted services for user community

Relationship Leader – This role is not in the VMO – This role is a senior IT staff member, often a Chief Information Officer or managing director in a HUIT service area or school
• Manages the vendor relationship representing several \relationship managers within Harvard
to coordinate stakeholders’ interests.
• Serves as a single point of contact to leverage economies of scale and avoid duplication.

Contract Manager – This role is in the VMO
• Reviews, negotiates and executes business and service terms of vendor agreements to
maximize operational and financial performance, while reducing University risk.
• Ensure appropriate legal review of any given agreement in collaboration with service owner
& relationship manager.
• Will engage Strategic Procurement, Office of General Council, HUIT Security, and HUIT Enterprise Architecture representatives as needed for assessing contracts and services
• Implements a periodic review of vendor financial, operational and technical support risks.
• Provides advance notice of risk, an impact analysis and options to avoid, mitigate or
transfer risk.
• Researches and prepares vendor related data and reports that support overall vendor
• Works closely with Service area/school/unit to monitor and manage delivery of vendor
services under contract

Service Owner – This role is not in the VMO - This HUIT service area/school/unit role is responsible for:
- Defines the need for a vendor service. Therefore, leading the sourcing strategy.

License Administrator – This role is in the VMO:
- Manages day-to-day operations associated with HUIT purchased product/services, including
deployment, usage tracking and billing. Ensuring University compliance to agreements.
- Provides feedback on vendor performance, especially support from vendor.

Vendor Management Director – This job/position is in the VMO:
– Defines Vendor Management best practices
– Obtains the best value for HUIT from our vendors
– Monitors strategic vendor engagements & partnerships
– Aligns vendor agreements with Chief Information Office council and other key stakeholders
– Leads VMO team management

VMO Activities